Red Meat Games announces Sentience

Players become the hunter or the hunted in this Free to Play multiplayer title

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada – 11/10/20: Red Meat Games today announced their upcoming Free to Play multiplayer stealth game, Sentience, releasing in 2021 on PC, Playstation (PS4 & PS5) and Xbox (One, Series S/X). The worldwide announcement occurred at The Escapist Games Showcase – Fall Edition. Set in a dystopian futuristic Earth, Sentience unveils a world in which humanity is gone and explores the struggle between keeping order and gaining freedom.

“I thought it would be really cool to look at different ways AI is used in games and expand on it [to] see how far we can push AI [in Sentience],” Emily Van Lingen (game designer and programmer at Red Meat Games and Blot Interactive), who pitched the initial concept for Sentience, commented when asked about her inspiration for the game.

In Sentience, the players become the hunter or the hunted in this multiplayer stealth title. They will be challenged in short round-based gameplay to use their intelligence and either blend in with the AI to make their escape, or keep their eyes peeled for AI acting strangely to uphold the status quo. Sentience also allows for single player round-based games against the in-game AI.

The game will feature:

  • Unique and upgradable abilities and playstyles: Play as either Sentinel (hunters) or Rogue (hunted) in this stealth multiplayer challenge.
  • Multiplayer round-based cooperative gameplay: Play online against others, or single player against the AI.
  • Social gameplay: Our matchmaking system will easily connect players with friends and other players, and even features optional in-game voice chat.
  • Free-to-play: With upgradeable cosmetic features.

Sentience will launch in 2021 on PC and Console.

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Hilary Craig, Marketing Manager
Red Meat Games