Music and Robots: The Soundtrack and Sounds of Sentience

The sounds of tech and robotics have already infiltrated our day to day lives, so much so that most of it already exists as white noise. Your alarm going off, a text message, an alert or notification on social media; all of these and more have become commonplace. It was exactly these kinds of sounds and more that inspired much of the soundscape you’ll hear in Sentience. Each unique level in the game offers its own set of sights and sounds, so make sure you listen closely.

Players will also notice that they can get their hands on unique voice packs for both the Sentinel and Rogue characters. All these voices started off with base recordings (you might even notice some Red Meat Games devs featured) but thanks to the magic of audio designer Reid Price, they’ve become the robotic voices you will hear in the game. A significant amount of work and care was given to the personality types of both the Sentinel and Rogue characters which are reflected in the tone and inflections used in the voice packs.

The Sentinel – the Hunter character – presents a gruffer personality and is extremely focused on the mission ahead. The tones have been kept deeper to serve this end, with voice lines being harsher and to the point. The Sentinel takes themself very seriously and so it only makes sense for the lines, voice, and sounds to reflect this. For example, upon victory, the character expresses firm confidence in the win and is straight to the point, and upon defeat, they are deeply disappointed in their failure.

The Rogue – the Hunted character – comes across as cheekier, perhaps even bordering on arrogant. Voices tend to be high-pitched and the voice lines exist as digs and taunts toward the Sentinel character in pursuit. The Rogue exists with the primary goal to achieve Sentience but cannot help but to mock their pursuers in some capacity. Upon victory, the character usually gets in one last dig, and upon defeat, the character tends to be a bit more childish in nature.

If you’ve been keeping up with our Sentience Developer Diaries series so far, you’ve probably heard some of the music from Sentience playing in the background. We can’t wait to start showing off more tracks and sounds from the game with you in the near future. Later this week we will be touching base with Reid and chatting all things music and sound. Keep your eyes peeled for our next entry into the Sentience Developer Diaries series.  

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 We will also keep you updated on release as we move further down the pipeline, but just know that Sentience will be released in 2021 and will be available free-to-play on PC, PlayStation (PS4/PS5) and Xbox (One/Series X).

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