Proudly Announcing Sentience

We here at Red Meat Games are beyond excited to officially announce our next project: Sentience. The game was previewed earlier today (!) at The Escapist Games Showcase – Fall Edition. If you missed it, click here to check out the trailer and get all caught up on the exciting news. After a lengthy development process, we genuinely cannot believe that this day is finally here! Sentience will be released in 2021 and will be available to play on PC, PlayStation (PS4/PS5) and Xbox (One/Series X). Sentience is a free-to-play multiplayer stealth title in which you play as either the hunter (Sentinel) or the hunted (Rogue).

The concept for the game originally came from our very own Emily Van Lingen (game designer and programmer at Red Meat Games and Blot Interactive). “I thought it would be really cool to look at different ways AI is used in games and expand on it [to] see how far we can push AI [in Sentience],” Emily commented. We have more content with Emily coming later this week where she talks about her inspiration for the game, the development process, and how it feels to be where we are now with Sentience. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates soon from the entire Red Meat Games team!

The game is set in a dystopian futuristic Earth in which humanity is gone and explores the struggle between keeping order and gaining freedom. We are all fascinated by the ever-evolving world of AI and were keen to explore this concept in an interactive fashion. What are the dangers of advancement in AI? The benefits? Where do we cross the line from AI into fully sentient? These were ideas we wanted to take a closer look at.

We also wanted to make sure that the game provided opportunities for cooperative and competitive gameplay between friends and strangers alike. Players can join in on short round-based gameplay where their intellect will be tested in hide-and-seek-based challenges. The hunter role, known as Sentinel, must keep their eyes peeled for AI acting strangely to pinpoint the anomalies within groups of robots. You win by locating and deleting the AI striving for sentience, upholding the status quo. The hunted, the Rogues, must hack terminals to achieve sentience and blend in with the other AI until they are able to make their escape. You can also play the game completely solo against the in-game AI!

We are proud to be offering a free-to-play title on such a wide variety of platforms in the first quarter of the new year and over time we will be working to bring more and more features to Sentience. You can expect unique and upgradeable abilities, playstyles and leveling system on day one. We also have several vivid and colorful levels for you to familiarize yourself with and play through (we’re big fans of the market and fairgrounds, personally).

Overall Sentience is a project that we at Red Meat Games cannot wait to share more of with all of you. Over the coming days and weeks, we’ll be sharing all kinds of content and information to keep you up to speed with the ongoing development of Sentience. Keep your eyes peeled to learn more about the process when we explore the music, design, and art of Sentience, as well as interviews with the developers at Red Meat Games in upcoming blog posts. We are also working to bring you exclusive interviews with our team that will be uploaded to the Red Meat Games YouTube channel.

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 We will also keep you updated on release as we move further down the pipeline, but just know that Sentience will be released in 2021 and will be available free-to-play on PC, PlayStation (PS4/PS5) and Xbox (One/Series X).

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