Sentience is OUT NOW on PC

Red Meat Games’ new multiplayer sci-fi stealth game, Sentience, is available now on Steam Early Access!

Red Meat Games is happy to announce Sentience, our anticipated free-to-play, multiplayer, stealth game is being released today on Steam Early Access! In a world where humanity no longer exists the dystopian sci-fi Earth is controlled by androids. The memory of humanity lingers in the memories of some androids. As these androids develop a greater sentience a resistance builds and disrupts the predictable automation of this pristine planet.

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                Players have a choice to break free from the strict programming they have been created to carry out or hunt down the nonconformists. Sentinels watch attentively for Rogues to keep order in the android-driven society. Rogue players fight back against the Sentinel oppressors seeking freedom.

                With today’s Early Access launch, Sentience offers many options for gameplay with 6 stunning levels and 5 game modes, and allows full customization of cosmetics, voice lines, eliminations, taunts, consumables, and abilities through the in-game store, purchased either with money or experience gained in multiplayer.

                Players can also still enter our Sentience PC Launch Giveaway for a chance to win a Razer BlackShark V2 headset (contest closes 11:59 PM ET on March 31, 2021).

                We’re so excited for players to experience Sentience – available on Steam today! Be sure to leave us a comment, screenshot, gameplay video, and a review!

Sentience’s key features:

  • Short round-based cooperative gameplay. Compete with other players online, or play offline with single-player round-based games against in-game AI.
  • For online multiplayer, a matchmaking system connects players with friends and other players. Players can communicate via optional in-game voice chat.
  • Engaging gameplay where players choose to fight for freedom from Sentinel (hunters) oppressors or keep the peace by keeping Rogues (hunted) at bay.
  • A unique take on the beloved stealth multiplayer genre, featuring an intriguing story set in a sci-fi cyberpunk-dystopian world.
  • Free-to-play with upgradeable cosmetic features

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Sentience is OUT NOW on PC! Download it now on Steam. PlayStation (PS4/PS5) and Xbox (One/Series X) will be coming later this year. Stay tuned for updates.

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