Let’s talk about the Art of Sentience

From Wall-E to Transformers to Terminator, robots and AI have been present in media for years. The shapes, forms, and sizes vary in each rendition, but the core concept always touches on the element of AI achieving sentience in some capacity. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, Sentience presents AI in a form that blends reality with science fiction with our use of humanoid features in our androids.

In the dystopian sci-fi world of Sentience, the robots were built with human-like bodies, and robotic elements primarily focused on the head and armor overlays. Looking at the base for both the Sentinel and Rogue, you can see muscle definition and a mostly human form, with the Sentinel taking on a much larger and muscular frame and the Rogue being presented as more lithe and agile. Their physical forms are representative of their unique roles in gameplay, the Sentinel serving as a bulky hunter type and the Rogue existing as a thief on the run.

While the base of the characters is set, we wanted to add unique customizable elements to each character so that players can express themselves in-game. Players will be able to choose from various head, chest, and leg pieces for your Sentinel and Rogue. You can even mix and match the pieces to create your own masterpiece of self-expression!

The gorgeous aesthetics are not limited to just the Sentinels and Rogues though, as the game offers a variety of levels each with a different real-world inspiration. A visit to the Fairgrounds and Marketplace levels and players can really see the art of Sentience shine.

The Fairgrounds level includes all sorts of rides and booths, inspired by the kinds of pop-up fairs that show up in many town centers in the summer. As a Rogue you can pick up sweet little teddy bears and transport them around the level to blend in with the crowd. What kind of evil Sentinel would suspect a robot travelling with a teddy bear? The backgrounds boast elaborate and detailed rides including a Ferris wheel and carousel. Players will also notice carnival booths decorated with games and prizes. Overall, the level is a representation of and love letter to the traveling fairs many of us have been to, and the team is hopeful that the level will inspire nostalgia and encourage players to reminisce.

The Marketplace on the other hand draws inspiration from farmer’s markets and outdoor shopping setups. Players can wander the vast area, weaving and navigating through booths set up amid tall structures and buildings. The level is also accompanied by light rain in the atmosphere to emulate feelings of wandering a marketplace in early fall. In between tracking down the Rogue, players choosing the Sentinel can take short breathers here and there to peruse the shops. Don’t forget to look up and around in the Marketplace though, or you’ll miss the signage and art amongst the skyscrapers.

We hope you’ve enjoyed a first taste of some of the levels and character customization options that players will be able to explore in Sentience at launch. Next week we will be touching base with a member of the art team who will do a deep dive into the environments of Sentience and discuss the art process at Red Meat Games. Keep your eyes peeled for our next entry into the Sentience Developer Diaries series.  

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 We will also keep you updated on release as we move further down the pipeline, but just know that Sentience will be released in 2021 and will be available free-to-play on PC, PlayStation (PS4/PS5) and Xbox (One/Series X).

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